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Investment Planning Counsel

326 Durham St E
P.O. Box 726
Walkerton, ON , ON N0G 2V0

Phone: 519-881-2250
Fax: 519-881-2330

Commitment and dedication to a future goal is what connects our business to our clients and their families. Whether they’re business owners, executives, professionals or entrepreneurs, we follow a disciplined approach to assess the full picture, analyze the options and continuously monitor the progress towards the goal.

  • Minimize the cost of borrowing and accelerate your savings
  • Get you on track to home ownership
  • Optimize your investment portfolio
  • Create distinct plans for future education
  • Reduce your taxes and channel your tax refunds efficiently to build your future
  • Reduce the impact of life’s “what ifs” - disability, critical illness or premature death
  • Paint the picture for your retirement as it nears

Discover Financial Solutions for all stages of your life.